14 april 2009

Beat the giant

Stand in the gap

ON SOME SITES on the internet, it is claimed that pastor Åke Green and I (in two separate cases) were either jailed or fined for statements about homosexuality. That is not correct. While we were both sentenced to prison in the lower courts, we were freed by the Supreme Court. No one ever went to jail or were fined on the issue of standpoints against homosexuality.

That is not to say that we were not prosecuted, because these trials lasted for years and there was of course a pressure upon us all the time. I was quite brutally arrested, and my computer was confiscated for years. But in the end, all this turned out to the good. The trials resulted in that we now have a broader freedom here in Sweden than before, to speak, and write about the sin of homosexuality. We now know that we can say what ever we want, and the prosecutors will have to look at these cases as precedents, and lay down their weapons.

I'm writing this to encourage Christians in other countries, to be bold and be prepared to fight the struggle through, by putting yourself in the gap, to see the evil forces beaten and our position not weakened, but strengthened.

We shall have Victory in sight, not defeat.

Ask your government: Do you DARE put one of us in prison for preaching the Word of the LORD???

Obviously they didn't dare this in our country, although they had the chance, twice, to do so.

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